Role of Nursery Teacher

Role of Nursery Teacher

Who is a Nursery Teacher ?

A Nursery Teacher is a trained Expert  who has  an important role in developing a child’s personality, knowledge, and growth.

They are responsible for Mental/physical growth of  of children while teaching them the basics of life and education . Nursery Teacher play a bigger role and take a a Prominent part in development of Child’s inner growth as they are the First teacher for the child

How a Nursery Teacher can  have an impact on Child/Children?

A Nursery Teacher ‘s primary responsibility is to work on cognitive Development of the child/children.

They plan ,prepare and deliver Weekly/daily lessons    so that  the child gets ready to next level of studies.

They work on Class plan which involves Child’s communication with the other classmates.

A nursery teacher prepares lesson plan keeping mind the  VAK theory  there by helping Child to understand By seeing(visual), Listening (Auditory), with Activity(Kinetic)

A Nursery Teacher  prepares the creative activity related to art and craft, music, requiring varying levels of application of learning for children to engage in.

A child can learn beyond the walls hence  a Nursery Teacher sees to that she/he creates activities that children like in outside . A Nursery Teacher Knows Gaming is a way out for learning.

The basic needs of a child should also be addressed by a nursery teacher.

He or she is responsible for having the Children eat at the perfect time, serving safe drinking water and helping them with their restroom needs. They encourage them to learn behavior.

An imperative piece of being a nursery Teacher additionally includes evaluating each kid’s individual advancement.. He or she plans additional exercises and elective methods for figuring out how to help understudies who are confronting challenges in adapting.

A nursery Teacher’s part can be summed up as a mix of a parental figure, empowering agent, and teacher.

If you are the among those  dedicated and loving individual , have a passion to teach those young kids ,and looking for  a career in education field,   then you are the  right person to be a Nursery Teacher .

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