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Over the last – 4 decades, distance education has grown exponentially in our Country. Distance learning has made education accessibl

e to anyone, from anywhere around the world. People can complete their aspiring degrees while working in a Company, without any hassle. Further leveraging on e-learning, distance education has created an interactive, live and organised learning method for those, whose schedules don’t permit conventional classes.

However, students nowadays look for holistic development along with disciplinary subjects. The scope has put forth a lucrative opportunity, and Dr Roopa Rao – A remarkable leader known for her milestones in Education, Training, and Administrative fields has built an innovative foundation on it. Her establishment – Noble Institute of Education Society (NIES) is a pioneer of the arena having a comprehensive collection of distance learning and short term courses.



The entrepreneurial j

ourney of Dr Rao had a very arduous start. Prior to NIES, Dr Rao had spent 20 years in the Corporate realm, focusing on Operations, Technology transfer, and Information Technology. However, this wasn’t enough for her. Being in the education and training segment, Dr Rao was highly motivated to become an Edupreneur. But, lack of independency was becoming a shackle; this was an injustice to her passion. As such, she left here long and enormous career and kick-started here entrepreneurial life in 2002. However, the choice of an innovative career came with significant challenges.

Despite her purpose to provide better education, funding was becoming a significant challenge. Nonetheless, she received a monetary sanction from the government under the Rozgar Yojana scheme (PMRY) but, was again interrupted by the bank. This backbreaking situation continued, for the next – 6 months and eventually, Dr Rao had to draw the attention of Lokayukta and CM of Karnataka, for a befitting resolution. Dr Rao’s perseverance profoundly attributed her in attaining her goal. But, even after a fully-fledged commencement, retaining students due to the rising competition became a challenge. But planning ahead and keeping the trending practices and innovations in play, gives the Company a competitive edge

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Date : 04 Jan 2021

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