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NIES, Bangalore is a hope for a future where India is capable of achieving accessible, affordable, innovative Education.

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Dr. Roopa Rao

‘Empower society through quality, affordable & innovative education’

Innovation in distance education is long overdue. NIES seeks to be innovative in several ways. Teachers as friends and mentors. Students look up content online and assimilate it to the extent possible. The classroom is the place for questions, discussion and dialogue. Education must also be imparted through experiential learning and exposure of students to ground realities in the domains they have chosen.

I invite young minds, to join NIES and learn to learn, argue, dream up ideas and ways to convert them into actions that can over the years change India. We are committed to shaping the future global citizen and acknowledge the faith and confidence of all the aspirants of NIES.


Dr. R. Lakshmipathi Rao

‘The greatest aim of education is not just parting knowledge, but action.’

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Noble Institute of Education Society, an institute borne from my desire to provide a balanced educational system that models students into complete individuals. Our vision is to build up world-class professionals carrying a firm value system. We are proud to provide quality education to students for developing holistic competence and handle exigent corporate situations in the current globalised world. Students who are interested in pursuing higher education will discover an achiever within themselves after completing their course from NIES.

Along with imparting education, we would provide the best of infrastructure as well as academics facilities. By adding-on classroom lessons on management practice and theory along with the industry exposure, NIES endeavors to prepare future professionals in a way that they become great assets for an organization they work in.

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