Do you suffer from Laziness ? Then know how to overcome Laziness

Do you suffer from Laziness ? Then know how to overcome Laziness

Do you suffer from Laziness ? Then know how to overcome Laziness

Very often we see people being lazy or being called as  a lazy . we also tend to call so those people who are not working or doing anything .

But What is Laziness:

People get confuse with Idleness when it is not so. Idleness is when you purposely want to sit idle for a while or hours. After returning from office or after completing the college or homework etc… you may indulge in some activities for sometime but not forever. People also think Procrastination is laziness.  Laziness may lead to procrastination but it is not the only reason . being procrastination is something which one does not know what to do when. Unable to prioritize their routines. Unable to understand the difference between urgent and important. Or may be not having an idea of how to schedule accordingly.

There is an evaluation theoretical reason behind  Laziness which revolves around our  nomadic ancestors . They used to roam from one place to other place . their few purpose were  to hunt food,  find a shelter  and to fight or fly when an enemy or dangers arises. Hence they used to conserve their energy for these purposes they never wanted to utilise this on other work, hence a reluctance to work or to do something unless it is a  need is been genetically rooted in our minds, which is said to be continued even today.

But psychologically several definitions and reasons  can be found.

Laziness is something where people don’t have an urge or spirit to do anything. There are different reasons apart from physical reasons, such as

  • Not being motivated do to anything.

a. They don’t find a reason to work or do something as they have no need of it at all

  • Fear of Failure

a. (they would have faced lot of failures which have made to them to try anything or do anything

  •  Lack of recognition

a. They would have not received the expected recognition, rewards, or identity or mearly a zero recognition by previous  accomplishments. They come to a conclusion no one recognises their work and their worth is nothing, They may not want to try any more

  • Fear of success

a. This is quiet surprising but it has seen in few they can’t manage the success. They fear  to come out to lime light

  •  They may have been in the depression

a.  If they have a overloaded stress because of relationship failure, or rejection, or childhood incidents or strong emotional injury , they tend not to do anything

How to overcome it ?

Find out the reason behind laziness

Lack of motivation

 you really don’t want to do anything or you don’t have a purpose to do anything, create a one.

  1. Suppose you have to do house cleaning but you don’t want to do it , create a reason such as call few guest or friends or arrange a special day celebration which forces you to do the cleaning.

  2. If you have to study but you don’t want to , Think and try to imagine how difficult it would be if you don’t study and don’t  get good marks , how miserable it would be , in other side  visualize how good and best moment it would be for your loved one’s when you do study and get great marks. Now you have a reason, continue .

Fear of Failure

If you feel  you tend to do something but  you feel fear , then it is you

Failure is a part every one’s life, just imagine you did not try again after falling down in your babyhood you would never be able to  walk today. lot of big brands and names have at least a series of failure at the back row. Failure  is a just word not the emotion, replace Failure as feedback to your effort think them as your teacher, you have learnt a lot from them.  Recongise them acknowledge and appreciate yourself for recognising them , keeping light that failure has given to you move on and try something that interests you.

Lack of recognition

If you are the one who have tried to your best but you felt you will never get recognition then it is you.

Think of air , how many of us give recognition and awards rewards to it . but do you think air has stopped  airing? think of the koel  has it stopped singing because no one is recognising.

In Bhagavatgeetha Krishna says do your work and leave the right of giving fruit to me.  The work you do will get recognition one or the other day or even if you can recognise your work that it is satisfied be happy . There are many heroes in the history who fought against evils, British, military war think if they had asked for recognition ?  No. Please be aware recognition comes automatically once you deserve for it . at least you have a chance to get recognition if you do something.

They may have been in the depression

If you feel no impact after doing any of the  above please approach a counselor First. You need a Helping hand.

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