Advance communication

Why choose Advanced Communication Skills Using English.

Advanced English Communication Skills is designed

* To help students with advanced language skills

* To Strengthen their speaking and listening abilities.

* To Strengthen Non verbal communication skills

* To Develop Effective Verbal Skill.

* To Develop Persuasive Communication


By Attending this course you will 

* Improve the accuracy and fluency of your pronunciation

* Increase your vocabulary and knowledge of common English phrases

* Refine your ability to use English grammar accurately

* Write extensively and creatively on topics of interest.

* Gain the skills to develop your communication style to increase rapport with others

* Have a relationship management strategy with your other key stake holders

* A Range of different thinking styles to be more persuasive and assertive

* Questioning technique to ensure you achieve the best outcomes 

Get Your Grammar Right

* Development of speaking, listening and Advanced grammar skills.
* Functional English - Starting a conversation responding appropriately and relevantly using the right body language role play in different situations. Vocabulary building
* Right Grammar structure.
* Synonyms and antonyms,
* Word roots,
* one-word substitutes,
* prefixes and suffixes

Get Your Presentation Right

* Idioms and phrases.
* Group Discussion
* Summarizing,
1. Exploring the skills necessary for communication excellence
2. Rating your own skills and developing an improvement plan
3. Identifying and communicating with different styles and approaches
4. Understanding and enhancing your body language
5. Maximizing your listening skills and overcoming any barriers
6. Learning the six levels of assertive communication
7. Identifying different thinking styles to be more assertive
8. Managing challenging relationships under pressure
9. Using questioning techniques to uncover needs and identify issues

Write Right

* Modulation of voice,
* Interview skills
* Resume writing
* Letter writing
* Reading comprehension reading for facts, guessing meanings from context, scanning , skimming, inferring meaning, critical reading.
* Art and science of emailing
* Business letter writing


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