stop comparing yourself to others

stop comparing yourself to others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

People often compare themselves with others, comparisons starts right from begininning of the life. When you are a child, comparison would be see how he/she gets rank. When you step into your youth stage , it starts about complexion, attitude, and about having bike/cloths etc..

The comparison does not start there, you tend to continue to lookdown self, even when you start earning. He has car, she has this saree, they are earning this much. Etc…

How long ? and How long this should continue?

Just think if Air starts comparing itself with water ?. imagine if water stops flowing comparing with hill?. Imagine what if all the animal on the earth starts comparing themselves with human ?.

No.. Right ?.

You are Unique. You cannot be same as others. Celebrate that fact. You provide  a your own perspective to world.  People of this world should all be thanking you.

Just think of you are being one whom you love a lot. And if you are keep on comparing him/her with others … what would that indicate ? It clearly says you are not happy with the one whom are loving ?.

Similarly if you are continuously comparing yourself with others? Then how you can love your selves?

People are brought up to comply with the rules of the society they live. When you don’t adhere with the one , you are looked upon disapprovingly. However, most people aren’t normal in the truest sense of the word. Everyone has Eccentricity and Peculiarity . It’s these differences that allow us to be unique, different from others, to find solutions to problems. It also helps us to see the world with vivid colour. Imagine if everyone were exactly the same. There would be nothing new to know about one another There would not be any curiosity in developing a friendship a relationship.

There are some reasons to follow the rules. For example, you need to follow the rules and laws of your country and community. Otherwise, you will suffer consequences for not doing so. Also, you want to treat others with respect so that they will hopefully return that respect.  However, if you try to be and to live alike others, or  in ways in which others believe you should, you aren’t going to live your life to the fullest.

That’s why you should get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others. When you do this, you are likely setting unrealistic expectations and will lead you to be disappointed. Comparing yourself to others will result in you resenting those people. They have their reasons for being the way they are, and it has nothing to do with you.

There are qualities you admire in others. There is nothing wrong with trying to adopt some of those admirable qualities for yourself. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where you are trying to redefine who you are to be like those people you admire. You aren’t them, and you never will be.

You have but a short time on this planet. If you spend most of that time trying to be like someone else, you are in for a rough ride. If you stick to who you are and find others willing to accept you for that, you are going to be more satisfied for most of that time you live. Others will be happier with the real you as well. You won’t be a pretender. People see right through that kind of behavior. Just think about others who are not true to themselves. How long does it take you to see through that disguise?.

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