Common Sentences or Actions that parents should avoid with their children (Teens and Pre Teens)


  • Speaking like I am better than you. I know more than you. You have to listen to me etc,
  • Telling often I have done so much to you,  so you are supposed to do so etc.
  • Acting as if Parents are the supreme power , giving less speaking space to the children.
  • Not giving time to the children and telling always that they are busy and working hard for the children.
  • Using foul languages in front of the children.
  •  Asking to do something again and again or reminding them such as start studying, keep room clean, get good marks, don’t watch tv, etc, too often


  • Highlighting the behavior of a child without getting in to the actual problem , suppose if you see you child sees too much of mobile, try to get the reason behind it, May be the child would have found comfortable and networking feeling being with the mobile, as he/she is not getting it from the house as much he or she expects.
  • Telling the children sentences like you are not using your most of potential, you are not up to the mark, etc..
  • Making their children feel as if they are not responsible anything
  • Setting rules and boundaries  without consulting or speaking with  their children
  • Discipline or punish their children when the parent is angry
  • Always telling the sentences such as you are not good in maths, study well, or you are weak in this, or you don’t  have concentration at all
  • Giving long lecturers  like do this that I did so and so without even thinking if the child is really interested in it or no
  • Thinking that child is too small to have feelings and ignoring what they feel.


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