Opportunities in Economics field

Opportunities in Economics field

Today let us see about career opportunities in Economics The process of production as well as consumption of goods, in the same manner wealth being transferred for production and obtaining the same goods is the study of Economics.

Economics is a vast subject and involves a lot to be focused on. All characteristics of country economy are studied in the subject. Economists are ones involved in economy and are answerable for how productivity, financial stability and wealth in a country can be maximized. Economic courses in India are plenty where they are available in almost all the best colleges and they are available in Distance education mode too.

A few courses which Economic enthusiasts enroll are mentioned below.

B.A. (Business Economics)

Bachelor of Arts in business economics

B.Com (Applied Economics) Bachelor of commerce in applied Economics B.Com( Business Economics) Bachelor of commerce in business economics M.A.( Hons)(Economics) Master of Arts in Economics Five Year Integrated Program

M.Com ( Applied Economics) Master of commerce in Applied Economics M.Phil.

(Business finance & Economics) Master of Philosophy in business finance and economy

M.Sc. (Financial Economics and Administration) Master of science in financial economics and administration

Ph.D. (Business economics) doctor of philosophy in business economics. Best colleges are available for economic courses in India.

Private as well as government colleges are scattered across the nation for completing the degree.

In the same manner, foreign universities also offer economic courses. London schools of economics, Berkeley University, Barcelona are various universities where scholarships are also provided.

One just needs to hunt each university online and pick the one where you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Distance learning is another option which can be accomplished in India as well as foreign countries.

In the same aspect online courses are also available for the same. a few Indian universities that offer distance education for economics are Annamalai university, Andhra university, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar open university, Bharathiyar university, Karnataka state open university and plenty more.

Opportunities in Economics field


Taking a look at the job opportunities they are highly demanded in almost all sectors such as transport, insurance, investment, manufacturing, government entities and charitable organizations.

They work as accountants, auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts, Actuaries, Public policy consultants, economic journalist and lot more. Applied technology Bank of America HP Wells Fargo Walmart Intel Union oil Yamaha motor corporation Union oils And plenty companies recruit economic graduates in India and abroad. Opportunities abroad are plenty and a number of international companies highly demand economic graduates. Government jobs are another opportunity for economic graduates as they are required to prepare and clear state and central level entrance exams like SSC, UPSC in order to fetch government jobs.

Few government entities who recruit economists are Indian army, State Bank of India, union bank of India, Visva Bharathi university, NIFT Jodhpur, Indian bank, Corporation bank, Bank of Baroda, and plenty more.

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