No More BAD Emails Now

No More BAD Emails Now

No More BAD Emails Now

Dr. Stephanie Heald-Fisherchair of the Graduate Program at Globe University, explains how email is especially important for winning promotions:

“In today’s business environment, regardless of the industry, communicating effectively typically means a heavy use of email and using email means being able to write… The email is often the first impression the receiver gains of the sender. A poorly written email results in a poor first impression”. 

Getting promoted is also impacted by writing skills. Good writing skills communicate intelligence, professionalism, and competency. Poor writing skills communicate a lack of intelligence, professionalism, and competency. Once again, your professional image is impacted by your writing skills. The better your skills are, the better your image is and the better your chances for promotion.

Writing Effective and impressive emails are as good as giving a good presentations, your Email writing style could grab you your Dream job or Much awaited Promotion or the image of best email practicing person , only if it is written with best practiced , error FREE ,impressive and  EFFECTIVE.

On the other hand think of your email writing is the cause for losing your job or that dream promotion, or giving you the worst image of NEEDS to IMPROVE a lot.

It hurts , even to think so, Right ?

Why not take your First step in Improving your email writing style, use language that is appropriate for Emailing.

As a first step We at Noble institute have started a new course exclusively for Email writing skills which is the ultimate training which prepares you for perfect and Ideal email writing practice.

The course is deadly affordable and designed keeping in mid the Practical Approach  to support the participant in learning Advanced Writing skill and learning about the Email skills.

Why not take a look at the same, and attend a Demo on 28-June-2018  you don’t have to pay anything

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