MBA Distance Education

MBA Distance Education

MBA Distance Education

.MBA Distance Education – The What and Why?

What is MBA ?

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a post graduate program that, regardless of the specialization, will provide you with conceptual, theoretical and practical training in various aspects of business like economics, operations marketing, basic accounting, corporate finance etc. However, if the student has a bent towards one specific area of management, a specialized MBA can be pursued in that specific facet. The pros and cons of a specialized MBA are elaborately discussed later in this article.

Skills cannot be generalized.

Importance of MBA Distance Education in a fast growing economy like India.

An MBA degree is growing by leaps and bounds in India due to its prestigious stature and our country’s resilience post-recession. With several Indian Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this respected course. International students are also eyeing MBA courses in India giving the reputation of IIMs and ISBs situated here. There are various types of MBA and you can choose anyone depending on your criteria. Most of the students pursue full time courses right after they complete graduation.

Why should one opt for an MBA Distance Education degree?

Whether you are a fine arts, commerce, media or science graduate, as long as you meet the basic criteria, you can pursue MBA. But don’t join it for the sake of getting an MBA degree. I will not get into a debate on whether a non-graduate should pursue MBA or not. But if you are a graduate in a particular discipline, then you would be mature enough to know the market, have experience and understand your strengths and weakness.

MBA is all about the value addition you get while pursuing the course such as developing skills like thinking, cognition, perception, attitudinal and behavioural change and dealing with people.


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What is the difference between preparing for the Indian business environment and preparing for the global business environment?

In most business schools, students are prepared for both Indian and global business environments. In some case studies, the context may be local, but the focus is also on universal concepts like strategy and human relations.

Importance of Selecting the Right MBA in Distance Education Specialization.

With a growing increase in career specialization, the view that one type of MBA program will impart the skills required for different sectors is being challenged.This has led to the emergence of MBA courses in India with a focus on subjects ranging from agriculture to hotel revenue.

Choosing between options may be difficult, and here are four reasons why choosing the right specialization matters:

  • Skills cannot be generalized: Courses such as a one year MBA in India will impart important leadership and team-building skills, but they may not be applicable to all situations. The working of industries has become more complex, and the solutions that work for, say, finance may not be relevant to biotechnology.
  • A better fit: Generalized MBA courses in India will give you an overall view of the business world, not necessarily specific to the industry to which your company belongs.
  • Keep in mind your interests and aptitude: The types of jobs for which you will be eligible for in the future, will be determined by your specialization. Choosing the right MBA specialization may enhance your CV, especially if you feel that your under-graduate degree alone is holding you back from making progress.
  • Knowledge is more important than trends: One of the aims of an MBA is to become an authority in a subject. For most industries today, there are corresponding MBA specializations in India.It may be wiser to pursue an MBA that interests you or carries forward the knowledge of your previous course, rather than choosing one that is perceived as leading to better jobs.


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Why do Distance Education MBA?

Career Progression

Typically, a professional begins his/her career with an operational role. Being fairly smart, hardworking and result-oriented, you get promotions and reach a decent position in the management.

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Career Shift

It is here that an MBA program can help. In fact, one of the most important reasons why professionals choose to do an MBA is to change career tracks smoothly.

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The interaction and intellectual debates that you will have with all.

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We all want to be identified as part of a group of high achievers. Doing an MBA from a reputed B-School gives you a great opportunity to network with smart, talented people who will hold top strategic positions in major companies or will be great business leaders someday.

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Brand Equity

Just like gold, an MBA from a reputed B-School gives you a certified hallmark that you are competent to become a successful leader in the near future. As the job of assessing a candidate is already done by the MBA Admissions Committee, recruiters are well-assured of your potential.

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An MBA gives you a second chance in life to do what you always wanted to do. It gives you the independence of a student’s life as well as the perspective of working for many years. You can achieve your dream a lot faster with absolute success by MBA Distance Education under NIES, Bangalore. Know More

Do you want a MBA in Distance Education from a reputed University?

Join NIES for an awesome, innovative education. Today!.

Noble Institute of Education Society, Bangalore – Case Study for Distance Learning.

Noble Institute of Education Society  has carved a niche for itself among the premier educational institutions in the country. The University has been a pioneer in Distance Education and the recipient of the Excellence in Education award conferred by the Brands Academy in 2014.

NIES, Bangalore is a premier distance education institute in India that has more 50,000 students. with extremely varied profiles spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. The University has an efficient and effective networking of 37 Accreditation and over 28 Awards. from all over India and overseas partner institutions. As an Educational Institution. NIES has come a long way since 2002, having crossed national boundaries providing higher education as well as assisting other developing countries in this regard.

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Top 5 MBA Distance Education Specializations in India.


MBA in Finance does not lead only to investment banks and securities firms. It offers numerous possibilities in the corporate world too.


The single most popular specializations amongst MBA graduates in India. Marketing is a hard-core front-end job and is meant for leaders. MBA Marketing is very dynamic and competitive. You need excellent communication skills resource mobilization skills and an undying zeal. To excel to make it to the top-level positions in the field of sales and marketing.


MBA in Operations equips you to deal with Production Management or Shop Floor Management. You learn how to come up with and maintain process flows. Develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships, do ancillary management etc. to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.

Human Resources (HR)

human resources or hr is one of the trickiest jobs in the corporate world. From recruitment and selection of personnel to deciding compensation to employee training and development to job. Analysis and performance appraisals, an hr manager is the ringmaster in the business jungle.

With the economic uncertainties combined with rising unemployment it’s important to think how you can stand out in a cut throat job market taking up an MBA in distance learning will allow you to display self-motivation and attain new skills with negligible impact on your existing lifestyle, which will prove advantageous in the search for your next professional move.

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