Distance Education in India – Advantages and Importance

Distance Education in India

Distance Education in India – Advantages and Importance

Distance Education in India [Advantages and Importance]

Importance of Distance Education in India

Path to wider opportunities in Distance Education in India , especially higher education

There are different categories of potential learners. There are some who never been able to enter into any institution of higher learning. There are some who just need additional knowledge in a particular discipline.

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Efficient and less expensive education

Provision of universal schooling is beyond the means of our country. Increasing population and limited resources is the predicament of our educational planners. It is difficult to divert huge sums of money in a developing economy to match the required level of expansion for traditional schooling.

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Facilities to all qualified and willing persons

The objective of correspondence courses is to provide education facilities to all qualified and willing persons who are unable to join regular university and other courses due to various reasons. For them, there is an incessant search for an alternative system and that system is distance education.

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Opportunities of academic pursuits to educated citizens willing to improve their standard of knowledge

There are many learners, both young and adults, who cannot afford to join the face-to-face system of education due to personal and professional responsibilities. For such type of persons, some provisions have to be made.

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Facilities to those individuals who look upon education as a life-long activity

Distance Education in India facilities are needed for those individuals who look upon education as a life-long activity or to acquire knowledge in a new area. Because life­long education is emphasized for all stages of life.

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Exchange the cultural and provincial heritage

Distance Education in India provides the opportunity to exchange the cultural and provincial heritage as persons from different cultural and lingual areas of the land are allowed to get admission together into its various courses. This brings in a level of competition as well as eagerness for learning.

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Demand and Supply Route to Distance Learning

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Distance learning has become a popular tool for the new age working professionals. Individuals who believe in multitasking have a huge to do list. They strive to juggle with copious chores and manage their time. Distance Education in India is a wise investment when it comes to saving your valuable time and yet gaining the desired skills and knowledge pertaining to your workforce. Distance learning offers study programs that would not be available to the students locally. Moreover, it is feasible and adds a profound credibility to your educational prodigy. Distance learning involves a varied range of teaching techniques which makes it engaging, intense and student-centric. The panels of faculty members come from various backgrounds, thus imparting internationally acclaimed and approved knowledge to the pupils. Distance learning cuts down the cost of travel and books, which gives aspirants yet another reason to enroll for the same. Wherein classroom education in restricted to the students who are present at that moment, Distance Education in India has a free-flowing reach and can be accessed by anyone, even by those belonging to the remotest corners of the globe. Candidates can effectively maintain a balance between their work, education and other responsibilities. In a regular learning environment, students do not have the flexibility to choose subjects, but are obligated with a fixed set of topics. Distance learning enables applicants to choose from a comprehensive assortment of tailor-made programs that interest them and best suits their aptitudes.

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MBA Distance Education Twist

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The world acknowledges management graduates. This belief has fueled the need of institutes providing online distance learning job oriented programs. In this tremendously competitive world, time is a major constraint in order to acquire innovative capacities. Students find distance learning from a reputed institution more convenient than the exhaustive traditional learning methods. Studies have shown that amidst all the online distance learning programs offered by institutes, MBA is the most preferred choice for aspirants. An MBA degree ensures a promising career, a highly paid job and adds a stellar reputation to the individual’s persona. It would not be wrong if we say that investing in Distance Education in India, particularly in an MBA program will be directly proportional to the returns after successfully completing the course. An honorable degree like MBA when earned from a renowned educational body can add tons of credibility to your resume and make you stand out among your competitors.


Noble Institute of Education Society, Bangalore – Top Distance Education Institute

For instance a mere 15 years since its inception, Noble Institute of Education Society  has carved a niche for itself among the premier educational institutions in the country. The University has been a pioneer in Distance Education and the recipient of the Excellence in Education award conferred by the Brands Academy in 2014.

NIES, Bangalore is a premier distance education institute in India that has more 50,000 students with extremely varied profiles, spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. The University has an efficient and effective networking of 37 Accreditation and over 28 Awards, from all over India and overseas partner institutions. As an Educational Institution, NIES has come a long way since 2002, having crossed national boundaries providing higher education as well as assisting other developing countries in this regard.

Advantages of Distance Education in India

Study from Anywhere, Anytime

The best thing about the distance education is you could learn it from anywhere and at anytime. It does not matter in part of the country you are living you can join the course and start learning. Even if your course is offered by an international school you could easily get access to course material if you are a citizen of a different country. Get all the knowledge and training anywhere you reside on the planet.

Flexibility of Time

Normally, distance education offers flexibility of time. It gives complete freedom to choose your own time for taking up the course. If you do not have time in day then you can learn at night or some other time because only thing that you need is a computer with an internet connection. You do not need to go in person and submit anything.

Plethora of Schools and Colleges

There are many schools and colleges now that offer distance education. Hence you will not find any problem in finding a college. You could choose a college which is best for you. In India, IGNOU is a great university for offering distance education. Although you do have to attend few classes in a week but it gives you real flexibility. Similarly there are many other colleges & universities like IGNOU where you can join and get your education distantly.

Learn While Working

You can learn or pursue your college while you are working. As I said earlier distance education offers complete flexibility of choosing time. The distance learning is not going to conflict with timings of your day job. You could work all day and study at night or vice-versa. Therefore if you are a working professional then you could choose distance education without affecting your 9 to 5 job. Moreover, it is really good for the housewives who can learn sitting in their home.


More Advantages…

  • Cheaper
  • No deadlines
  • Less pressure
  • No set start date
  • Self-motivation
  • Lots of flexibility
  • No commuting
  • You save time
  • Choice
  • Networking
  • Scheduling
  • Freedom & adaptability

With the economic uncertainties, combined with rising unemployment, it’s important to think how you can stand out in a cut throat job market. Taking up a new vocational course by distance learning will allow you to display self-motivation and attain new skills with negligible impact on your existing lifestyle, which will prove advantageous in the search for your next professional move.

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