Practical Accounting

Practical Accounting

Practical Accounting

Practical Accounting

The Advanced Practical Accounting course aims to equip students and professionals (M.Com students, CA Article clerks, Accounting Associates and working finance professionals) with good conceptual understanding of the nuances of Financial Accounting along with the necessary practical grasp of the accounting process ..

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This course Provides the participants with Accounting Concept, Accounting Information System (AIS), Accounting Principles and Assumptions, Accounting Cycle and Basic Financial Statements.Basic Financial Accounting, Gain a strong foundation knowledge of Basic Financial Accounting and become a certified Pro Advisor. Master the art of managing your clients’ books in Basic Financial Accounting and customizing it so you’re equipped to fulfill the needs of any client. Getting certified in Basic Financial Accounting is the best way to enhance your professional profile, showcase your expertise and attract new clients.


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I really liked the course as i had to make a company and then i was suppose to run the company with many transactions. It was a real life experience that what we have to do in practical life. Starting from the base of arranging the capital, referring documents like memorandum of association and articles of association


This is a Certification course in Practical Accounting and Book-keeping with special focus on the needs of accounting information for various users to aid their decision making. It enables the participants to understand the basic principles of accounting and book-keeping and able to prepare financial statements .


The course focuses on developing the practical skills and knowledge on book-keeping and preparation of financial statements, The course has been designed by taking into consideration the needs of both working adults as well as fresh graduates well as fresh graduates,

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