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Indian industry is going the e-way just like the rest of the globe. This is made clear by looking at the statistics/ information below:

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  • Over 200 Million Internet users with 200 million more to be added in coming 3 years
  • Over 200 million users of mobile internet (source: IAMAI)
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  • E-Commerce market to grow to 20 billion dollars by 2017 with CAGR of 37 percent over 2017-20.
  • Mobile commerce to grow at 150% CAGR till 2020

    • Social media would be a prominent mode of e-commerce communication; Facebook is an example
    • India needs between 1.5 lakh digital marketing professionals in the coming year and about 5 lakhs in the next three years.


    The above statistics clearly point to trends towards Digital Marketing and throw huge opportunities for companies and their executives in the Digital Marketing and operations domains. Digital Commerce is going to force companies to transform their existing business models and the processes. Thus companies and their executives who have the understanding of Digital Marketing are in a position to not only survive in this digital era but also catch on this digital opportunity bandwagon.

    About The Training Programmer

    This workshop is a comprehensive training programme in Digital Marketing analytics. It is a Two- d a y programme that would combine pedagogy using lectures, case studies, hands -on exercises, assignments and practicals. This training workshop would equip the participants to understand the nuances of digital marketing and help them make appropriate marketing strategies using all forms of digital media. They would be able to understand the key elements of Digital Marketing in creating an effective digital marketing strategy.


    The 20 hours workshop is intended to provide insights on the following aspects of Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing analytics in the subareas as:

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Introduction & Fundamentals
    • SEO Audit
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO with practical
    • Google Algorithms
    • Keyword Researching & Analysis

    Email Marketing

    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Online Tools for Email Marketing
    • Managing Email Marketing Campaigns


    • Introduction to freelancing
    • Taking Freelancing Projects
    • Freelancing Jobs

    Social Media Marketing & Google Adwords

    • Introduction
    • Facebook Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Youtube Marketing
    • Google+ and Google Places
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Creating social media content
    • Google Adwords introduction
    • Creating search text ads
    • Writing ad copies and running ads

    Affiliate Marketing

    • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    • How to choose products?
    • Where to find affiliates?
    • How to earn from affiliate marketing?

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