Assistant Video Editor

Assistant Video Editor

Assistant Video Editor

Assistant Video Editor Tutorial

We are seeking an assistant video editor right away with experience doing audio editing, adjusting levels, video editing, slide design to help create the final modules for our new Evolving Love 12-Week On-Line course. We are looking for an editor who can work with simple software like garage band (audio leveling/editing) and IMovie (video editing) to finalize these video modules from existing audio and video content taken from various live events.

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You would be working hand in hand with one of the senior partners and co-creators of the course who will be helping to edit audio and create slides and providing all templates, lower thirds, intro and out music and some example modules to model and emulate. We’d like to finish this course in the next several weeks.

After this project, if the workflow is smooth, quick, and professional, the company has nearly a decade of audio and video content for future projects to create additional editing video and audio clips for the senior partners soundcloud and youtube channels. Future work is possible pending completion of this initial project.


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Students with some experience audio and video editing are welcome to apply, Your own laptop (Mac) and an ability to show up at our location to work onsite with senior partners, Proficiency using Garageband for audio editing, Proficiency with video editing software like IMovie for video editing


Certificate programs prepare students to produce videos, create digital animations, edit video, and work with graphic graphics. Associate’s degree programs in the field cover video editing at both basic and advanced levels, as well as media communication, film studies, and production techniques.


A few community and technical colleges offer certificate programs in video editing or digital video editing. It usually takes no more than one year to complete these college programs, which teach the basics of film production or offer in-depth instruction in some specific area of production, such as digital imaging.

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